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    PV SWH
  Photovoltaic (PV) panels can harness waves of energy coming from the sun and transfer them into electricity that can be suited to meet your power requirements.  
on grid
off grid

SOLAR Panels

Photovoltaic (PV) panels will harness waves of energy coming from the sun and transfer them into direct current electricity.



The charge controller is responsible for managing the power coming from panels into the batteries. An intelligent charge controller will protect the batteries from overcharging and deep discharge in order to preserve battery performance and life span.



The inverter’s job is to transform direct current coming from the (PV) panels into alternating current suitable for your house appliances.



Any appliance that needs electricity to fuction or energy consumption.


Battery Bank

Power produced will need to either be instantly consumed or stored in the battery for later use during the day or even the next day.

Lead acid batteries are used, which are suitable for daily discharging to a state of charge as low as 30%.

  Off-grid systems are very suitable alternatives in rural areas whenever there is
no access to grid electricity or during electricity cutouts.
In such applications, (PV) systems can be a very feasable alternative to meet basic
energy requirement with minimal maintenance and saving costs required.
Among Applications:
Army and police stations in rural areas
Telecommunication towers
Water pumping
Street lighting
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